Cold Caps – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do cold caps prevent hair loss?

Cold caps are clinically proven effective, based on a simple scientific principal; cooling the scalp slows metabolism and blood flow, protecting the hair follicles from chemo drugs.

2. Is wearing a cold cap unbearably cold?

The caps are filled with a gel that stays pliable when frozen providing a therapeutic cold sensation on the scalp. When the cap is first applied there can be some mild discomfort but it is not unbearable. After a few minutes when the scalp is cooled the discomfort subsides.

3. Does it work for everybody?

Cold Cap treatments are proven to be effective with most infusion therapies. It is not recommended for “curative” chemotherapy but has an 87% overall success rate with “preventative” protocols.

4. Why have I never heard of cold cap treatments?

Hair loss is considered an inevitable side effect of chemotherapy and it is not a medical issue. Cold Cap treatments have been successfully used in Europe, New Zealand, and the UK for years. Now backed by clinical studies America is beginning to look at using cold caps for hair retention.

5. Will my doctor let me use cold caps?

Most doctors are willing to consider the use of cold caps. You will want to talk with your doctor about your interest in using cold caps to prevent hair loss. Many doctors have not heard of cold cap treatments and will need research and clinical information to help decide if it is right for you. We are always happy to speak with your doctors to answer any questions, or to provide literature on clinical studies. Call 1.800.322.1547

6. Does insurance cover the cost of cold cap treatments?

Unfortunately insurance does not cover cold cap treatments.  The cost of cold cap treatments is reasonable and fee’s can be supplemented through the online Family and Friends Fund.

7. How will my hair look after completing chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy can cause your hair to become brittle and dry. It is important to treat your hair gently and with care during and following cold cap treatments. Avoid chemical treatments like perms and hair color. Use gentle shampoo and take extra care to avoid stressing the hair for 6-8 weeks following treatment.